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Udeler is a tool to download Udemy courses for free. It is used to download any Udemy course you registered for. This is the Official Udeler site.

Udeler is a cross-platform desktop software that works well on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Version: 1.8.2
  • Filename with extension: Udeler-Setup.exe
  • File size: 89.3 MB
  • License: Open Source
  • Author of the tool: Faisal Umair

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7

Udeler is a free, open-source, cross-platform desktop application for downloading Udemy Courses. It makes it a lot easier for you to learn from Udemy Courses.

It downloads the courses to your desktop, straight to your Downloads folder allowing you to view them in your comfort.

Udeler Official

Udeler keeps the original structure of the course content.

It works as most of the other download managers do, but this tool automates the downloading process especially for downloading Udemy Courses.

It allows you to do other things as well, such as select your preferred video quality, download several courses at the same time, choose download location, and other useful features.

How to Use Udeler

Follow simple steps to install and use this tool to download any Udemy course videos.

Step 1: Double Click on the Setup File to start the installation.

Installing Udeler

Step 2: Allow the administrator permissions.

Step 3: Choose your preferred Udemy login method. You can log in either by login credentials or using Udeler authenticator extensions.

Udeler Login

Step 4: There are four ways to sign in to Udemy using Login Credentials.

  • Facebook account.
  • Google Account
  • Apple Account
  • Email Login
Login Options

Select the method which is best for you.

Step 5: After you log in to Udemy, all your registered courses will appear in the Courses tab.

Click the download icon below the Course title that you want to download.

Download Udemy Course

Step 6: If that Course is in many languages, it will prompt you to choose the language for the video subtitles. Select your preferred language of instruction.

Subtitle Language Selection

Step 7: Download tab shows the progress of all your downloaded courses.

Downloading Progress

Step 8: From the Settings, you can select a path for downloaded videos. You can set download start and end settings. You can also select the video quality for downloaded Udemy courses.

Do the settings which are best for you and click on the Save button at the end of the GUI.

Udeler Settings

Faisal Umair developed this Udemy downloader app.

He is a very famous contributor on GitHub.


  • Preferred video quality selection
  • Download several courses at once
  • Set Download Start and Download End Times
  • Pause and Resume downloads at any time
  • Multilingual support in English, Italian and Spanish
  • User-Friendly GUI
  • Choose video quality
  • Download multiple courses at once
  • Set Download Start and Download End
  • Pause and Resume download at any time
  • Choose download directory
  • Multilingual (English, Italian, Spanish)

Udeler 2.0 Feature Requests

Udeler 2.0 a big release is on its way with a lot of new features, fixes, and improvements.

You can request a feature by contacting us.

Login Problems

Since Udeler v1.6.0, there is support for login through Udeler Authenticator.

Udeler Authenticator is a chrome extension used for authenticating a Udemy account.

Install the chrome extension from the Chrome Web store.

When the installation is done, enable the extension.

Open the Udemy downloader desktop app.

Click on the new anonymous icon on the login page and it will start to listen for any login requests from your chrome web browser.

Open the Udemy website on your chrome web browser and simply log in to your Udemy account.

Udeler will detect the login and will sign you in.

If you are already logged in to Udemy, you can just visit the website and it will still detect the login.

How Udeler Works

Udeler is made available to help you download Udemy courses only for your personal use.

Distributing the content of your subscribed Udemy courses is not allowed under Udemy Terms and conditions.

Every course on Udemy is protected with copyrights.

You need to input the Udemy login credentials to download the courses.

You can only download the courses for which you already registered or enrolled in Udemy.

Udeler downloads the lecture videos using the source of the browser video player.

That source is returned to the user by Udemy after proper authentication.

You can also do this manually without using this Udemy downloader.

Many other download managers use this method to download videos on a web page.

This tool only automates the process, instead of a user doing this manually in a web browser.

Online Course Creation


Udemy is an online learning platform. It provides users with a wide range of video lectures in various domains by expert teachers.

Udeler is a simple solution to download the courses and keep them somewhere on a PC or a mobile device. It is Udemy Course Downloader GUI or a Graphical User Interface.

Udeler is not designed to download officially paid Udemy courses free of cost.

Udeler simply detects the subscriptions that you’ve already made to Udemy.

You know that Udemy videos are normally watched within the browser, where there’s an option for downloading the video.

Udeler just speeds up the process and can also download entire courses at once with a single click.

Course enrollments are made outside of this tool because it doesn’t have a built-in web browser to explore the Udemy website.

Udeler allows you to download multiple courses at once and set the video quality.

To download a course, you just have to click the corresponding direct download button one time.

Udeler is capable of downloading multiple courses at once for free.

Downloaded courses are saved in the Windows “Downloads” folder, where the course lectures are organized in distinct folders and files.

You can change the default saving directory as well as pause and resume downloads at any time.

The app can be instructed to download only specific lectures from the course.

You can by setting a range as well as selecting the preferred video quality depending on how the video was initially uploaded to the Udemy tutor account.

Creating and logging into the Udemy account is mandatory each time you launch the Udeler app.

Udeler is an Easy-to-use Udemy video downloader.

It offers a simple solution for downloading Udemy online courses to put together in an offline video collection on localhost.

All these features and there’s plenty of room for new features, keep visiting us for the new updates.

Sell Course On Udemy


AllAVSoft is another tool to download Udemy full course videos to your PC.

Minimum System Requirements

  • 1GHz Intel or AMD chip
  • 30MB free space on the hard disk
  • 16-bit graphics card

AllAVSoft Information

Developer: Allavsoft
License: Shareware
Language: English (U.S)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Size: 42 MB

Allavsoft Features

  • Download video files
  • Batch convert
  • Doesn’t download adverts
  • Publish the video
  • Playback the video file
  • Keeping the downloads record
  • Action when installation is finished
  • Restart bulk downloads

Download AllAVSoft

Go to the official website and download the application.

Make sure to download Windows or macOS version as per your needs.

Allavsoft can download free videos form 100+ sites with 4k, 4096p HD, 1080p HD, 720p, 480p, 960p, 240p qualities.

When downloading is done, just install the application.

After installation, run the application.

It will prompt you for a license key, copy any license key from the list below.

Allavsoft Licence Key

  • DjqLKuJi80-eUFzZe2Cp1doe-Xs7Gid7mkm
  • hsrDiJ6C6fAJ-1u5Q6kdDULo-5y2pcCWScnj
  • YRm8vCxRtmd-TudXhnGFEP-LQzZAeeOAuz
  • rdR824Dta-R40eCJdmxIeN-Ltf228fpxPPnmb

Allavsoft Serial Key

  • Y2paMM-VSTWzXN8xbP9W-o13cIkqdxoakc
  • l2HqUiR3YG8-tXIlJ3zVxF1qtH-J9U2xd0clddl
  • 2eDU2fW-uvzoyJtSjpXQ-Av7ZbXD4Zv5PPn

Allavsoft 2021 Key

  • 4XxnmMH-N1A9JslJTcAmsn-lE5nOZEWBC
  • D8scm49xIBfB-Xr4YvcZCmD4ZsGqrubI6NJ
  • BsKE7SGWxXLRA8v3mEbtQ9vbdBIQagk3F
  • x0CE2Lwej2GaTqQIyQybGVKmgcniVUy0N

Install AllAVSoft

  • Download AllAVSoft
  • Extract the file
  • Deploy the setup
  • Run
  • Open keygen
  • Copy a license key
  • Paste the license key

That’s it!

Open the Udemy website then log in to your account.

Browse all your enrolled courses.

Choose a course you want to download.

Launch the AllAVsoft application, it will automatically copy the course link from the Udemy dashboard.

Now just click on the download button.

Enter your username password for Udemy student, tutor, or business account.

Type the same username and password of your Udemy dashboard.

If you need to download all the videos of that course, AllAVSft will download all of the videos from that course.

Wait and enjoy the entire course with high-quality videos for free.

You can see your downloaded videos in the downloads folder or the location you have selected.

All videos will be downloaded and converted as mp4 files in your selected directory by default.

Recently, Udemy has joined an online learning house called Skillsdox Inc to open up a Skills School in India.

Skillsdox is based in Canada.

Download Udeler

Click the download button below for Udeler Download page.

Enjoy Udemy courses on your PC!


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